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  18/01/2015 Updates

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 18/01/2015 Updates  Empty
PostSubject: 18/01/2015 Updates     18/01/2015 Updates  I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 18, 2015 9:20 pm

 18/01/2015 Updates  DItqI35
Anything you wanna say? : http://cprsps.forumotion.com/t45-18-01-15-update-suggestions#154 Come here and post what you think
FridayEvent is over, wanna know the winners? http://cprsps.forumotion.com/t23-fridayevent-guide-event

- Skills XP reworked.
- Torva helm was a comon drop on nex (WTF, i reset all torva helms from banks)
 18/01/2015 Updates  BiwBXtW
There are 2 lines: 1st line is common drops, 2nd line is rare drops. THATS WHY WE REMOVED TORVA HELM
- All Combat Skills reworked. (Melee, Mage & Range).
- Yell has been taken out for normal players (Use a clanchat for global talking).
- Remove the safe spot of Forgottens (If you find a new one report it, you might get a prize).
- List of special rares: Addy (g), Addy (t), Bronze (G), Bronze boots, Saggi bow, Zaryte bow, Corrup Dragon, Dragon (Or), Dragon (Sp).
- New Summoning place.
- Added a logout timer for the AFK'ers.
- Fix some dialogues with NPC's.
- Staff panel now works.
- Added Unicorn Horn to summoning shops.
- Remove Goblin/Nomad minigame safespot.
- The gp prize for each skill led to 99 has dropped.
- Make some items donor only.
- Fixed the price of the 2xp ring on loyalty shops (B4 u needed 8k points, now you only need 5k).
- New command added for super donors ::dzone (New superdonor place is under construccion).
 18/01/2015 Updates  TmTsr3O
 18/01/2015 Updates  QEoVMd4
 18/01/2015 Updates  BN6IIwC
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 18/01/2015 Updates  1da74U1
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18/01/2015 Updates

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