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  FRIDAY EVENT 16 Jan 2015

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 FRIDAY EVENT 16 Jan 2015 Empty
PostSubject: FRIDAY EVENT 16 Jan 2015    FRIDAY EVENT 16 Jan 2015 I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 15, 2015 3:00 am

 FRIDAY EVENT 16 Jan 2015 Ry6F1t1

Nyan  Nyan  Nyan  Nyan  Nyan  Nyan  Nyan  Nyan  Nyan  Nyan  Nyan

Apart from the event we got minor fixes:
- Hitpoints cape now have propperly stats.
- Jad minigame 100% fully redone (64 waves now).
- We took out all the Tookhaar capes from the players who has it and replace it with a fire cape.
- Fixed minor bugs.
- Changed some items stats.

1. Guide event: You will create a guide of chronosphere. Can be any kind of guide (Skilling,Server,Pking,Mvp) whatever you want. Faceless will look them and give me his opinion. The best made guide will get a prize.
- We dont accept a copy-paste guide.
- The more efort you put then more chances you have.
- All the guides will be posted in a special sticky thread.

Prize: 1k dominion & loyalty points

Post you're guides here: http://cprsps.forumotion.com/t23-fridayevent-guide-event

2. Youtube Event: Same thing, you will create a short youtube vid 2:00-3:00 minutes about the server. Any type of video (Pk video, Staking, Mvp, Skilling, Promo video) Me & Faceless will judge them, the first place gets a prize.
- Videos less than 2:00 minutes wont count.
- You can ask all the players for help.
- Gotta be an original idea.

Prize: 100m & 150 Chronopoints

Post the youtube videos here: http://cprsps.forumotion.com/t21-fridayevent-youtube-videos

3. Pulling people: You gotta pull players to the server so we can get a bigger community, the winner wil be the one who get more players into the server. Be creative!
- We will check every IP so dont try anything illegal
- You get double points if they register on forums and post an introduccion of themselfs. (Tell them to put ur name as reference)

Prize: Vial of water (e) & 50m for each player you get / 75m if they register on forums

4. 99 event: Share a picture with you're 99's on game Smile , Combat skills dont count!! The picture must have you're name in-game in any part so we can prove its really you.

Prize: x1 99 Lamp, 1 untrimed skill cape of you're choice or clue scroll pack

Post the Photos here: http://cprsps.forumotion.com/t22-fridayevent-photos

5. Duel arena event (Suggested by Azdem) : Bassically its a 1 v 1 duel, if u want to participate in this event. Please fill this form:
Link for duel arena: http://cprsps.forumotion.com/t26-fridayevent-duel-arena-form#78
Name In-game:
Combat lvl:
I accept I will follow all the rules of the server : (Y/N)

Prize: Special loyalty tittle & Dragon visage

6. Bingo event: If u wanna participate here you must talk with faceless and buy numbers from him. Those numbers are from 1 to 500. You can buy any number you want.
- Price for each one: 10m
- Me , (Miltezzy) Gonna pick a random number from a website www.random.org
- Minimum Participants for this to happen: 10
- You gotta fill this form:
Forums name:
How many numbers you bough:
Prize: 1 Free donor pass, 20 voting points & random items rewards

Link for Bingo: http://cprsps.forumotion.com/t27-fridayevent-bingo#

7. Drop party, Hide and seek event & 3x Xp Day will start at:
10 players - Hide & Seek.
15 players - Drop party.
20 players - 3x Xp day.
20 Players - New Npc with Abby Vine Whip as drop

1>99 skill lamp
150 chronopoints
1k loyalty points
20 voting points tickets
vial of water (e) | aqua whip |
1k Dung points
100m gold prize
1k Dominion points
1 untrimed skillcape of ur choice
1 Clue scroll pack (7 clue scrolls included)
A new special loyalty tittle (In-game tittles u have never seen)
A new special forums rank & winner crown.

ATM those are the ideas for prizes. If you think we should add another Event/Prize post it in suggestions.
If you have any type of question or need help, post them in Help topic.
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FRIDAY EVENT 16 Jan 2015

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