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 Official Thieving Guide

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Official Thieving Guide Empty
PostSubject: Official Thieving Guide   Official Thieving Guide I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 16, 2015 6:37 pm

Chronosphere Official Thieving Guide


Thieving is a excellent skill to start with when first logging into Chronosphere, It is very good experience and money making method to help get your first cash stack, It is also all in one spot so you don't have to move around a lot or walk/run long distances.


You start thieving at Edgeville South of Bank, You will see 5 stalls named (Crafting,Food,General,Magic,Scimitar)

Leveling And Experience

Crafting Stall - 1-45 / 600exp
Food Stall - 45-60 / 1800exp
General Stall - 60-80 / 3600exp
Magic Stall  - 80-95 / 6000exp
Scimitar Stall - 95-99 / 10200exp

Rewards And Prices

Crafting Stall - Uncut Opal / 5k(5000gp)
Food Stall - Raw Swordfish / 10k(10000gp)
General Stall - Power of Amulet / 10k(10000gp)
Magic Stall - Orb of Light / 20k(20000gp)
Scimitar Stall - Red Topaz / 50k(50000gp)

Congratulations You Have Advanced To 99 Thieving

Official Thieving Guide I1b576
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Official Thieving Guide

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